Tuition, lessons, teaching, coaching. Experienced staff, happy school children. We have established a friendly company ethos, and build long term relationships with pupils and schools.

M.J Modern Music - tutors, teachers, coaches for school children

Guitar lessons, vocal coaching and tuition. Enabling young people in primary education to explore musical instruments. Covering East Sussex, West Sussex, Surrey and Kent.

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M.J Modern Music Guitar and Vocal Coaching Services

We provide guitar tuition, singing lessons, percussion and drum teachers in primary schools across Sussex, Surrey and Kent. Our service gives children the opportunity to sing and learn instruments in a positive and friendly environment. All teaching is done on site at the child's school, during normal school hours, which is a convenient solution for both the school and the parents. With no extra curricular activity it means M.J Modern Music can help your child learn some exciting new skills without the need for special arrangements outside of school hours.

Tuition in Local Schools

We are dedicated to inspiring children to excel with performing arts. We provide coaching on the premises at local schools, with agreements in place with the school and the parents of the children.

Modern Coaching

We approach teaching in an entirely different and original way that makes our lessons special and fun for children. The content we teach is contemporary, and incorporates modern culture that children can identify with. We believe that children are more driven when learning techniques they enjoy, using the same music they have seen and loved themselves.

Traditional Techniques

We do, however, educate children about traditional styles too, and use many examples from different genres. The fundamentals of music are upheld, but are presented with a 'cool' and accessible approach.
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Having fun whilst you learn

When people think of singing lessons the general conception is a choir or private tuition. We offer a unique service to primary schools that has captured the imagination and enthusiasm of hundreds of pupils. With shows like 'Glee', 'X-factor', 'Must be the music', 'Britain's got Talent' and 'American Idol' singing is more popular now than ever before. The lessons consist of warm-ups, song learning, individual and group performances. Children are encouraged to be supportive of one another and to complement each other's efforts in class. We can also teach the children their favourite lttle tune like, 'James Bond Theme', 'Star Wars', and really generate excitement to pick up a musical instrument. We do all we can to spark their interest and imagination.

Private Tuition

Although most of our work is done within the framework of a normal school day, we can also offer an extra curricular service with private tuition available at alternative premises, or at the home of the child. These services can be arranged directly with M.J Modern Music in association with the relevant tutor. Any additional costs that may be incurred can be discussed at the time of the additional booking, to the satisfaction of both parties. So why not give us a call, it's all very informal, and we would be pleased to hear from you.

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